I’m a proud ambassador for MyYogaPro.

I’m a proud ambassador for MyYogaPro.

MyYogaPro is a new project launched on Kickstarter by Andreas Zoltan and Erin Motz. Become a member for lifetime access to hundreds of yoga classes, numerous yoga courses, and more! It’s much cheaper than any yoga class, as the payment is only made one time for a lifetime access pass.

So if you’re looking for a way to do yoga at home with the help of professional yogis, without having to spend a ton of money on yoga classes and gym memberships, this is it! Get the early bird deal now before it fully launches in April 2014!

3 thoughts on “MyYogaPro”

  1. This is the same yoga teacher who gave bad, across-the-board advice on Yoganonymous on how nearly any novice could get into headstand. The only reasons it doesn’t really send up any red flags for me at this time, is that ALL inversions are medically contraindicated for me in my condition; and perhaps she would not really be teaching on the site, just running it …

    • Was that your only experience with her? She may not be for everyone, but she’s still a great teacher in my opinion. And no she’ll be teaching it for sure.

      • At the time, that had been so … I did check out the 30 Day Yoga Challenge on, Chelle. My curiosity got the better of me; after having been through the mill for the past more than 6 years, with some studios of known lineage, such as Dharma Mittra, OM Yoga, The Himalayan Tradition, Baptiste Power Vinyasa (ambient-temperature version), and of course, Krishnamacharya Yoga Therapy. I now have my own home practice … although I am toying with the idea of returning to someone with lineage from Sonic Yoga (though I cannot afford many classes). Some of her videos are pretty good. I had not chosen known lineages–I am MUCH more open-minded than that. Suffice to say, that living in the big city, they’d chosen me. Many of the videos are impressive. She seems to have quite a lot of good energy..

        Personally, I veer towards tending to lack of flexibility. I’m quite a bit more about alignment and heart-opening than about the breath.. Because I dance (and am not young) I definitely have a movement-driven practice. Add in that I do like the chanting, chakra talk, woo-woo and Sanskrit. Thus, I may not be a good student of this Erin Motz of MyYogaPro. I have temporarily, wearied of My Yoga Online of Vancouver, Canada, and I’m not sure why, as they have many, many styles which speak to me, on their site–including 8 Limbs (an American studio) and Centre Luna Yoga …

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