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WOW it’s been a long time since I posted! Last time I made a post, I was in college and I was engaged. So guess what? (Like you have to, ha!) I’ve graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and have been married for almost 4 months! 🙂 The wedding was small and intimate, and it was beautiful. We had it at my husband’s uncle’s house. It was so sweet of them to do that for us.

Bride & groom 2 Bride & groom 8 Sweet

It’s been a great few months so far. My husband and I both are currently looking for our post-grad jobs. I’ve been taking a breather, you know to relax before I jump into the workforce. I didn’t want to go straight from hectic, stressful, study-filled days right into working, you know? I needed a break to breathe, enjoy the first few months of being married, and be with the family. But now I’m ready to get a job that I love with the degree that I love.

While I’ve been spending time with the family (specifically, my new brother Seba and sister Sofi), we decided to make a series on YouTube (easiest avenue right now). It’s called Haunting on Settlers Way.

HOSW promo

We started working on it in September and have shot enough episodes to make a trailer, which is up on our channel as of last night! The first episode will be up tomorrow. I’ll start uploading it around midnight tonight, since it’ll take a while. Sofi and Seba’s friends have been asking them non-stop when it’ll be up, so they’re all excited. And so are we!