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It’s so hard to believe that this semester (MY LAST FULL TERM SEMESTER OF COLLEGE) is almost over. Just one more class in the summer and then I am done!! I never thought I would get there when I started college, yet here I am 4 years later and just a few weeks away from applying for graduation. It feels so surreal. I’m definitely ready to finish college and graduate, but I’m also scared. School is all I’ve known since I was 5 years old. I’ve been in school almost everyday for the past 17 years and that’s all about to change soon. I’m going to be in a different world than what I know and am comfortable with. Graduating and working in my field is going to require me to get out of my comfort zone, which I’ve never been good at…or comfortable with, obviously. But I need to. I don’t have a choice.

Fortunately, I’ve already started that. For the past year, I’ve been looking like crazy for any internships or jobs I can do in my field until I graduate, so that I’ll have at least some experience when I apply for post-graduation jobs. Even if it’s just a few months’ worth. After much searching, I finally found one!

I applied a couple weeks ago for an internship at 7 Cups of Tea, an organization that gives people emotional support when they’re going through hard times. It’s similar to a hotline, but not that extreme. I love it so far – and I’ve received all positive reviews from the people I’ve talked to, which is a really good feeling. Even though it can be tiring, depending on the conversations and how many hours you do this everyday, it’s really rewarding. I definitely picked the right major and the right internship. I’m proud of myself 🙂

I’m still doing well in my classes. My grades dropped a little bit due to the stress and the course load, but I brought them back up and could not be more relieved. Finance is a hard class! I originally thought about majoring in business, and boy am I glad I didn’t now. It’s difficult for me and it’s not my thing. What I do love about it, though, is how much I’m learning about personal money management (it covers everything you can think of in personal finances) before I move out on my own. It’s made me feel so much more calm and relaxed about how to handle money on my own and how things like credit, mortgages, premiums, etc. all work.

But the rest of my classes are going really well. Still loving Criminology. I’ll admit, though, it’s made me a tiny bit paranoid about my surroundings whenever I leave the house haha…not gonna lie – though it’s had same effect on others I know who took the class, so that makes me feel better 😛

Photography is still super fun and I’ve learned so much in Photoshop. I have to make movie posters for my next assignment, which is fun to work on. I’ll have to post them when I’m done 🙂 Here are the Photoshop pictures I’ve done so far that I like (you can make them bigger if you click on them):


For Capstone (I love saying that!), I’m writing a 7-10 page research paper. The topic is sad, so I won’t bring that up, but it’s really interesting. Lastly, Adolescent Psychology is still, by far, one of the most interesting classes I’ve ever taken. So yes, I’m still loving this semester (except for finance) 🙂

Almost there!!