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Are the holidays already over?? Boy did they go by fast. I swear they go by faster every year. I’m still trying to adjust to the fact that it’s now 2014. Last year just flew by!

I hope your holidays were great, everyone! Mine were nice 🙂 I finally got to see my family after almost 3 years. I saw my brother and sister, which was really nice (I’m adopted and they were born after that). I also saw my cousin and his baby boy and little girl, who are just the cutest things.

I spent some time with my other cousin at her house. She has 8 horses and 10 dogs!
20131231_161020 20131231_160526
20131231_160831 20131231_160944

She has so many dogs and horses because she takes in animals that have been abused or neglected and takes care of them until she can find them a home.

Her dog Buddy is such a sweetheart. Reminds me of my boyfriend’s dog Maya, so calm and sweet.

She also has a Great Dane named Red that’s only 7 months old, but she’s already so big!

Here he is in comparison with a full-grown dog (not sure which breed it is, though). Took the picture at a funny time haha:

Her horses are beautiful. I forgot this one’s name. Too many animals’ names to remember! But this one was sweet.
20131231_160444 20131231_162457
20131231_162506 20131231_162454
20131231_162503 20131231_162459

Baby Bud 🙂
20131231_162452 20131231_162423

Her horse Sunny really liked me. A horse has never taken to me like that before.
20131231_163719 20131231_163650

Isn’t she beautiful? 🙂

I didn’t wanna leave! I wanted to spent the rest of the day with her, but I had a lot of other family to see.

I can’t wait to go back later this year. Two and a half years is too long to go without seeing family. I really enjoyed it. I think this year’s visit was the best one yet 🙂

Hope all of your holidays were great as well!