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A few weeks ago, my mom and I started putting up the Christmas decorations, and we finished earlier this week. So I took pictures of it, as I said I would 🙂 I haven’t finished my apartment upstairs yet (if y’all don’t know, I live in our garage apartment). But when I do, I’ll take pictures of that too 🙂

So of course, we started with the Christmas tree:
Christmas tree '13

Which we seem to decorate faster and faster every year. It’s one of my favorite parts of decorating for Christmas, yet it gets done so quickly!

Next, I set up the mini-city on our ledge, which is my other favorite part! We have the gas station and people around a fire outside (though the fire part fell out haha).

Gas station People around fire

The bicycle shop next to them and a girl sending off Christmas cards (could be anything, but we’ll say Christmas cards!).

Bike shop 

Then we have the dock and seagulls next to the lighthouse.

Dock without bkgd Seagulls

And the grand lighthouse itself!


We have the wood mill where all the firewood is made and another girl sending off Christmas mail (maybe more Christmas cards!).

Mill Sending mail

More people next to a fire (and this one still actually has the fire – so they’re probably warmer :P) next to my favorite place, the café!

More people around fire Cafe

We have passengers being directed towards the docking area, and more passengers waiting for the boat by the docking bridge.

Waiting for boat More passengers

They see the boat arriving. All aboard!
Crossing boat bridge


And the final piece of the city, what they’ve been waiting for: the River Belle!River Belle boat

So yes, that is my other favorite part of decorating for Christmas. I love our little mini-city. Winter wonderland 🙂 More pictures to come!