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MYP-social-network Some of you may remember me doing the 30 Day Yoga Challenge over the summer with Erin Motz from DoYouYoga.com. I still do yoga regularly, and I’m so thankful for it. I’ve never done a yoga class, and I honestly don’t plan to. Doing it at home on my own timing and in private is how I prefer to do my yoga. So I was super excited when I found out about MyYogaPro.

So, if you’re looking for a way to form your own at-home yoga practice, join MyYogaPro! It launches in April and I’m super excited!! It’ll have over 200 yoga classes and videos, and 16 yoga courses. Their goal was to raise $20,000 between October 28th and December 7th – and get this, they met that goal within only SEVEN hours. They’ve already raised over $100,000! Guess a ton of people were excited and eager to join! And they still have 12 days left, so who knows how much more they’ll have risen by then.

I’ll give y’all some background on the project. It was started on Kickstarter.com by Andreas Zoltan and Erin Motz a few months ago, and fundraising launched, like I said above, on October 28th. What they wanted was an online yoga platform that is completely different from what we usually see – and I have no doubt that this will be different. I’ve tried doing yoga using YouTube videos and websites in the past, but nothing ever stuck because there was no real direction and no clear instruction. Erin Motz is absolutely amazing and helped me fall completely in love with yoga – and it’s changed my life over the past half year.

On MyYogaPro’s Kickstarter page, Andreas and Erin say that it will “change the way you practice yoga at home by your yoga experience personal, social, and rewarding.” So I’m really excited about it and I hope more people decide to get on board and join the project! Just click on the picture above and it’ll take you to the website! 🙂