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This past week was Week 2 of the October Challenge. Today marked the start of AMC’s FearFest. So exciting! I’ve been waiting for it all year and it’s finally here. And it helps with the movie challenge too. So, to start off week 2, I watched movie #6: Dark House (2009). It was terrible. I wouldn’t recommend it, ever. The idea wasn’t bad, but it was so poorly filmed and acted. I give it a 3/10 at most. Would’ve been a 2, but the idea was pretty good.

The next day, I watched #7: 100 Million BC (2008). It’s another one of those Syfy “horror” movies, so it wasn’t amazing; but it was tolerable. I also liked the idea of it, so I give it a 6/10.

Next, movie #8: The Moth Diaries (2009). Honestly, I’m not sure how it qualified as a horror movie; but everywhere I looked it up and read about it, it was listed as a horror film. To me, it seemed more like a drama, maybe suspense, and definitely dark. Some call it one of those gothic horror movies, whatever that is. I’m guess it’s a dark suspenseful movie that’s considered a light horror? That’d be my guess. Anyway, it was still really good, so I give it a 7/10. Would’ve been an 8, but it’s not horror to me.

On to #9: Beneath (2013). Absolutely bad. A Chiller channel original film that premiered last week, it was really boring and the idea wasn’t original at all. I had a hard time focusing and paying attention to it; they’re literally in a rowboat the entire time, while a big, ugly, and creepy fish tries to eat them. So overall, I give it a 2/10 at the most.

The other night, I watched #10: The Expelled (2010). I watched it on Netflix, and it was okay. I say 6/10 because the idea was cool, and it takes place in a school the entire time; so it’s a little different. Plus, it’s an English film, and I love the way people from the UK talk. Just a couple scenes were nauseating, with the gore; but it was okay. I’d probably watch it again.

Finally, for #11, I watched Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995). That’s the only one in the franchise that I’d never seen. I liked it. I say 6 or 7/10. The 1st, 4th, and the 7th (H20) are my favorites, so they’ll always rank the highest 🙂

It’s October 14th, and I’ve only watched 11 so far, so I’m behind! I would be up to 14 movies by now if (1) I wasn’t so swamped with homework and reading all the time and (2) if I hadn’t gotten caught up re-watching the Paranormal Activity movies this weekend. They’re some of my favorites. I don’t think they’re necessarily amazing, but I still love them, and I just had to watch them again 😛 So yes, I’m behind, but I’ll catch up. The month’s only halfway over 🙂

Anyway, thought I’d update y’all on my movie challenge and rate the films as I go in case y’all are participating and want to know which ones to watch (and which to avoid!). Talk to y’all later!