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These last few days of relaxing have been great. I’ve sure needed it since December! The last couple days, I’ve been watching Netflix and enjoying my free time. I watched a couple zombie movies yesterday, actually. Zombie movies are one of my favorite types of films. Horror is my favorite genre, and zombies are one of my favorite horror subgenres.

One of the films I watched was “State of Emergency.” It’s probably one of the much better zombie films out there – doesn’t look too much like an independent film (most independent horror films are bad), the acting was pretty good (especially the main character), and it kept me interested the entire time. I’d recommend it if you like zombie films and are looking for a good one.

The other one I watched…no. It’s called “Infected.” I’m not sure how many of you watched Even Stevens when it was airing on Disney Channel, but Christy Carlson Romano (who played Ren Stevens) is in this movie. I think it’s her worse film yet. She’s a really good actress, but she was the only good one in that film, which honestly made the film even worse – because there was her, this great actress…and then everyone else. It was poorly made, had a poor script, and had mostly bad actors. So no, I would not recommend it. Although, I should’ve known I’d waste my time watching it – it only had 2 stars on Netflix (actually, barely 2 stars). But I gave it a chance.

There was one I watched called “The Bay,” which isn’t about zombies, but it is about mutations. I won’t reveal exactly what caused the mutations, ‘cause they say at the end of the film; but a found-footage-type film (which I like) about people living on the Chesapeake Bay who start mutating and the doctors and CDC can’t figure out what it is that’s causing it, though it’s clearly related to the bay water, which is very polluted and contaminated. I liked it, I’d probably recommend it, but don’t expect some amazing film. Both this one and “Infected” were independent films.

So yes, I’ve been enjoying my movie time 🙂 I haven’t had to go into work this week, so I’m really relaxing and making the most of it. I may keep posting about the movies I’m watching, we shall see. Just to let y’all know what to (possibly) expect for the next couple days. I’m a movie freak, so I love love love talking about movies 🙂 Post later!