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Well I said I’d post again in a little while…but with all my studying, it turned into “in a few days.” So I apologize about that. On a good note though, I took my first neuroscience exam and made an A! I’m so happy. I almost cried when I saw my grade. I’d never been so scared of an exam in my life. Neuroscience is hard; in fact, this is probably the hardest class I’ve ever taken. But I love it anyway. It’s super interesting to see how biology and psychology are so interconnected.

Anyway, on to what my post is about. I read an article on The Stir (a blog on CafeMom.com) today about things people should never post on Facebook, as most people would end up regretting it later. I agreed with every single one, and I can’t even count how many times I see people on my news feed posting the “no-no’s” on their profiles.

One of them was drunk photos, which is a given. The way I see it, no mature person would post a drunk photo on Facebook for everyone to see, especially if he or she is friends with co-workers and his or her children. I see it all the time, though most of them are from friends away at college who are really…enjoying it. I just don’t get the point. Another one is “super sexy selfies,” which to me is another given, but apparently not so much to others. I guess I’m just more conservative when it comes to how I dress and take photographs. I may just be weird, but I’d rather have only one person me in that way, and that’s the person I’m spending my life with. I don’t think photos of hangouts at the beach or the pool are bad, but when it comes to taking photographs in one’s underwear….just no. But, to each their own.

The main one that I agreed with that I see all the time, and bugs me, is venting and ranting about someone one is annoyed or angry with. I prefer confronting people in person, rather than talking badly about them on the Internet for all my friends and family to see. What’s the point? To me, it’s rude and unnecessary.

Now, I’m nowhere near perfect, I used to post negative statuses all the time when I was in high school and at the beginning of college; but I admit, I just wanted attention. It was stupid of me, and I’m sure others were annoyed with me. But I don’t do that anymore because I know no one cares or wants to see it in their feed. I just with others would think about that as well.

But hey, it’s their Facebook accounts, not mine.

Any others y’all can think of?