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The other day, I read an article on Cambio stating that Demi Lovato has always wanted to have her own Barbie, but she wants it to have her body type. I think that’s great. Barbies do not have realistic, healthy body proportions, and I think that should change.

While they do make Barbies of different colors and races, as of 1980, Mattel has yet to make a doll with realistic body proportions. Lovato adds that Mattel should make Barbies with cellulite, since most women have it. Not sure about the cellulite part, but I definitely agree with her on making dolls with realistic body types.

Barbie definitely affected my body image and self-esteem as a young girl, in a negative way. I felt pressure to be all thin and perfect looking like “her.” I think if Mattel makes Barbies that actually look realistic, maybe even Barbies without makeup (or at least very little of it), it’ll impact girls more positively.

Maybe more parents would be willing to buy them for their little girls. I know I would. I don’t think I’d want my future daughters to have Barbies that are so unrealistic looking. What are your thoughts?