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My first week of summer classes is over. It went by fast, so I’m sure the rest of the summer will too. The first week was a bit overwhelming, as I expected it to be (already had an exam!). But I got through it and have made good grades so far 🙂

I’m also almost done with the first week of the 30 Day Yoga Challenge. I’m doing Day 5 tonight, which will be all about the core. Yesterday was all about abs, so I am sore! But it’s a good pain. I like having sore muscles after I exercise. Reminds me that I’m working muscles that I haven’t worked in a long time, and that they won’t be sore much longer if I keep at it. I’m excited to get back into shape and get toned again. Plus, this yoga challenge has been so relaxing! (Which I definitely need this summer with my course load!)

It’s odd being both stressed and relaxed at the same time. I mean the stress is almost inevitable, in my opinion, when it comes to my summer course load. But the yoga calms me for the rest of the day. Sometimes, if I’m feeling cluttered or overwhelmed with the homework/reading I’m doing, I’ll stop and do my yoga and then get back to my course work. And my mind feels less cluttered, my body isn’t panicking as much (if at all), and I feel more relaxed and able to finish my work for the day. So if any of you need a way to de-stress, try yoga!

I’ve also been doing some research in my spare time on the use of essential oils. I’m thinking of getting some lavender oil this week, if I can find any. Not sure where to get it, but I’ll find it. It’s apparently great for relaxation and creating a calm atmosphere. From what I’ve read over at MindBodyGreen, it helps you sleep, helps you relax, helps with nausea and headaches (both of which I often have), help allergies, and many more. It’s used in aromatherapy, internally, and topically, so you can use it as an aroma/incense, in your bath, rub it on your skin, rub it onto your pillow (to help you sleep), and so on. So I’ll start with lavender and then maybe try other essential oils, like peppermint.

Anyway, I’ll keep y’all updated 🙂