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I started my summer classes today. I love them so far. For my anthropology class, I had to make an introduction post in the student blog section, and my professor said we can make a PowerPoint for our introduction if we want to. So I did, and it was fun! I hope the professor and the other students like my post. I also started the reading for my sociology class today, which is interesting. It’s all about feminism so far. I’ll probably let y’all know about my thoughts on feminism as I read more about it. It’s interesting.

I also started that 30 Day Yoga Challenge today. I love it! I felt so relaxed afterward, as always 🙂 I also meditated for a little bit afterward. And now I’m relaxing while watching the premiere of The Fosters (on ABCFamily), which is really good by the way! And the season 3 premiere of Teen Wolf starts in a little bit, which I’m super excited for! Been waiting for almost a year to see season 3. I think all the Teen Wolf fanatics have been going insane for the past 10 months, including myself 😛

Anyway, my classes are good so far, the yoga challenge is fun, and I’m all relaxed for the night. I’ll post later! 🙂