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So yesterday, I said that when I get off work, I was going to do something and I’d let it be a surprise. Well here it is: I went blonde!

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A few different pictures there, the lighting was different for each one.

It’s a drastic change for me, so I’m still getting used to it. Haha I forgot that I was a blonde when I woke up this morning. I looked in the mirror and it startled me! I thought I was looking at someone else 😛 So it’ll take a while to get used to being blonde, but I like it! I’m used to going red, but I like this 🙂 I’ll even out the color in a few weeks.

So yes, I have summer-ready hair. Hmm…I wonder if having lighter hair helps you stay cooler in the summer…like how wearing lighter clothing helps? I guess we shall see!

Now I just need to get back on my workout routine, maybe I’ll make it a yoga workout this summer 🙂