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I had my first legit Valentine’s day 🙂 I’m broke so I decided to write my boyfriend a letter, telling him how much he means to me and how thankful I am for him and to him for everything we have and that he’s done for me.

He gave me chocolates and a teddy bear! He knows me too well haha. I had said a few nights ago that I was sad that I didn’t have a teddy bear to cuddle with at night ’cause all my old, dusty teddies (my whole teddy bear collection from my childhood) are in our attic in a bag ’cause of my allergies. So he got me a new one 🙂

And the chocolates are soo good. The box is heart-shaped and adorable 🙂45773_10200692098364131_563021095_n

Even the candies are heart-shaped! It just kept getting better haha. They’re too cute!

We slow danced for a little while to jazzy love songs, many by Frank Sinatra. We watched some of Dear John, but it got too sad so I changed it when he left. It was a wonderful, perfect Valentine’s Day, and my first one ever.

Almost 21 years of waiting and it was worth it 🙂551483_10200692098684139_1644897615_n

How was y’alls Valentine’s Day??