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I just found out that the state of Oregon has proposed a bill that, if passed, would make the possession of cigarettes illegal. According to the bill, if one were to get caught with more than 0.1mg of tobacco would result in either a year in prison or a fine of $6,250.

I know a ton of people, possibly even most, will be against that. But I’m all for it – if not buy/owning cigarettes, then at least smoking in public. I can’t stand the fact that I have to worry every time I go out that someone is going to give me an asthma attack just ’cause they’re wanting to smoke a cigarette right next to me (or even down the block, ‘cause I can still smell it and that’s all it takes). I shouldn’t have to worry about that; but everywhere I go, I have to deal with it – with people triggering my asthma as well as hurting MY body with their secondhand smoke.

I don’t want to have to deal with them doing that to my kids either. My kids will be just that – MY kids. No one has the right to negatively impact my kids’ health like that. I don’t want them exposed to cigarette smoke, especially as babies or little kids.

I have a right to my health, and a person smoking in public takes that away from me. Even in restaurants! The smoking and no-smoking sections just don’t work. In the no-smoking section, I can still smell it! If people want to smoke in their homes, go right ahead. But in a restaurant, right outside our campus doors, in Town Center, etc. No.

So at least banning smoking in public, if not cigarettes themselves, would be a good idea. I’m sure many will disagree, but when it comes to deciding on this or even debating on it, I think someone’s craving/need for cigarettes should lose to everyone’s health.

I doubt that the bill will get passed, because I think a majority of people will be against it. But I really hope SOMETHING is done about it.