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Well, my semester started this past Monday, on the 14th. It is going to be a busy and hectic one. I’m taking a humanities class online, which requires tons of reading – but thankfully, it’s a lot of philosophy (like The Great Dialogues of Plato), so it’s interesting – and a bit of writing and discussions. I’m also taking a psychological thinking class online as well, though I don’t know how heavy that load will be yet. And I’m taking 2 night classes back to back on Wednesdays: Advanced Writing (lots of writing!) and Social Psychology. I’m there for 6 hours on Wednesday evenings/nights; so, by the time I get to my second 3-hour class, my concentration ability is highly diminished, unfortunately.

I was really nervous about going to my night classes, ‘cause I strongly prefer online classes. I learn better that way, and I admit I get very nervous around groups of people, which interferes with my ability to concentrate and focus. But thankfully, once I got into the elevator last Wednesday to go to my class, I ran into a friend and classmate (from last semester) who told me that she’s in my Advanced Writing class! So, I started the first day with a friend, which was nice 🙂 And my boyfriend and I both taking Social Psychology together, and we have another friend in that class as well (also from last semester), so that makes it better 🙂

But anyway, my Social Psychology book came in yesterday and I read the first chapter last night and this morning, and I really like it! So, this semester is going to be tough, busy, and stressful, but it’ll be interesting 🙂 Hopefully, I’ll still be able to ace all my classes and keep my 4.0. I’ll do my best. If my posts are less frequent this semester, I do apologize. I hope that doesn’t happen, but I’m sorry if it does. I have close to 20 papers to write this semester.

So anyway, that’s my update about myself. Hopefully, soon I’ll be posting about things other than school 🙂