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It’s Christmas Eve! I’m so excited, just one more day ‘til my favorite day of the year. But today is special too. I get to spend this evening with my boyfriend’s family and celebrate with them and participate in their traditions, and I’m excited! Sadly, though, I’m sick 😦 I woke up with a cold this morning, so I probably won’t be able to get very close to everyone tonight. But I hope to still have a good time(:

Tomorrow morning, Mom and I are going to make a Christmas breakfast. It’s basically buttermilk biscuits covered in cinnamon, brown sugar, and maple syrup. It’s then baked in a Bundt cake pan. It’ll be delicious(: Here’s the recipe for it: http://toostinkincute.blogspot.com/2011/12/christmas-morning-treats.html

Merry Christmas Eve!