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Well as I said I would in yesterday morning’s post, I had a final exam tonight. It was for my research class. I was terrified to take it because the midterm was a nightmare and brutal, even though I made an A. I was afraid the final would be even more brutal. It was. Some of it was easy, but the rest was really hard. It was divided into 3 parts, so it was like taking 3 exams. The last part was the hardest and the most time-consuming – took me an hour and a half! I am so glad it’s over. I have one more assignment due tomorrow night and then I am done with that class! It was an interesting class, yes, but it was one of the hardest classes I’ve ever taken. I knew it was going to be hard from the start, and boy was I right. So far, I have an A- in that class, so hopefully the final won’t bring my grade down. I worked super hard to bring it up!

So now, I can breathe. I’m not done with the semester yet, though. I have one more final next Thursday night, which I’m not worried about at all. I have an assignment due tomorrow night, as I said above; and, I have 2 assignments due Monday night. One of them is a bonus assignment (and I don’t need it ‘cause I have an A in that class too), but I’m doing it anyway for the fun of it. I’m so happy I brought my GPA up as high as it is (3.92). I need it to be at least 3.76 to get into PsiChi next semester, so I’m really happy and thankful that I was able to do that!

But either way, the hard part is over!! I can relax a little bit ‘til tomorrow. It’s almost 10pm and I’m just now resting for the first time since I woke up. I’m drained.

Anyway, I know this post wasn’t as interesting as the previous ones, and I’m sorry for that. I’m just so mentally drained and exhausted, I can’t think up anything else right now. I’ll make up for it, though! 🙂 So yes, I am going to lie down and continue watching the Hallmark Channel until I fall asleep and drift off into relaxation land.