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My boyfriend came over the other day and helped me decorate my place. It’s not a ton of decorations, but it’s enough to make my place feel Christmas-y. 🙂 And when I say “my place,” I mean our garage apartment where I live. My parents moved me up there for college so I could have a sense of independence, since I wasn’t going away for college or living in a dorm and can’t afford an apartment yet. Anyway, back to the decorations.

My parents bought me my own lil tree that I’ve used the past 2 years. I say “lil tree” ‘cause it’s smaller than our regular one downstairs, but it’s actually like 6 feet tall.
My tree

A light-up snowman named Frosty (of course, what else would he be named??)

I also put up 2 stockings, one for me and one for my boyfriend. He doesn’t live with me or anything, but we all thought it’d be sweet 🙂
My stockings

I have some garlands hung above the windows, a snowman nightlight for the bathroom, and some other cute little decorations around my place. I like it, it feels more Christmas-y than it ever has before. And on top of that, I have Christmas music playing almost all the time; and when I don’t, I have Hallmark on so I can watch their Christmas movies. It’s all I watch right now haha.

The house downstairs is a lot more decorated, and I love it. We have a cute lil city display on fake snow set up on the hallway mantel.
Lil city Lil city 2
Lil city close-up Little people

Our tree:
Our regular tree

And we have up our 3 stockings plus one for my love 🙂
Our stockings

We still have more decorating to do. Hopefully we’ll get it done this weekend, but I have a final on Saturday evening that I’ll be studying for all day both today and tomorrow, and 3 assignments to do by Monday night. So we’ll see. Hopefully I can make a post before Monday! Anyway, I need to go study now. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂