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Hey guys, it’s been a while! So sorry it’s been two months since I posted anything (except for the few things I reblogged earlier today). I’ve been so busy with school lately, and I’ve been going through some things as well, so I haven’t had much time to make posts! Classes are going well. They’re time-consuming and sometimes difficult, but I’m getting through it with all A’s so far! Hopefully I can finish out this semester with a 4.0 like I have all year.

I’ve also been trying to keep up with my fitness and improve my health. Some stuff has happened in my life lately that’s caused me to want to take better care of myself (both mind and body). I’ve been working out everyday and eating healthier. I’ve cut out soda for most of the week now, so I only have it a couple times a week if I’m out with friends or just feel like having one. I don’t drink as much dairy (triggers my acne, unfortunately). I’ve cut out coffee during the week and only drink it on the weekends. I’ve been drinking fruit smoothies in place of it and after my workouts as a post-workout drink/snack.

I’m actually thinking of starting yoga, but I don’t know yet. I know it’s a good way to relax and it’s also beneficial in many other ways, such as fitness and flexibility and all that. So we’ll see

I’m so excited though ‘cause I received a gift card to Barnes & Noble for my birthday and I used it to order the last 2 books in the Dreamhouse Kings series, which I’ve been wanting to read for almost two years. Then on Thursday night in class, I won the scavenger hunt we all played and got another gift card! So I ordered a book called Gone, by Michael Grant. It looks interesting, so I’ll let y’all know how it is once it arrives and I read it.

Anyway, that’s what’s been up with me. Hopefully I’ll post a little more often. Sorry I’ve been so busy!