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Today was my last day of Biology. Ever. I’m actually kinda sad. I’ve never liked Biology. When I found out I was gonna have to take yet another Biology course, I dreaded it. I was sure I wasn’t gonna do very well, ‘cause I never had. I was bad at it in high school, and I was bad at it when I took it last fall; but this time was different. For one, I got the teacher I wanted, which really helped ‘cause he was definitely one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. He explained the material really well, and didn’t move on ‘til he was sure we understood; plus, he’s a jokester and had funny stories correlating to our lessons. Within the first week of class, I realized something: I actually like Biology. The teacher really makes the difference.

Last fall, I was lucky to make an A on any of the tests – I usually made B’s. I had the hardest time remembering everything for the tests, and even harder time understanding it – and that was a regular semester. This summer session was 5 weeks. An entire course in just 5 weeks. Within the first week alone, we went through 5 chapters and had a test over them. I aced it. I only made a B one time. Even the final today was an A, I’m absolutely positive. I mean it was one of the easiest tests I’ve ever taken, ‘cause I understood the material that well. 

I’m actually sad it’s over. I kinda wish I had taken it during the regular semester, ‘cause I would’ve been in the class longer that way. But I think it would’ve been harder. The tests would’ve been more “in depth,” as a classmate put it today. I agree. I think the summer sessions are actually easier.

I have one more summer class left: Speech. Yay. I’ve always hated giving speeches. I get so extremely nervous. I don’t sleep well the night before, I can’t eat breakfast, I get shaky, I start sweating, sometimes I get dizzy, and my voice gets shaky. But here’s the weird thing: everyone always loves my speeches and presentations. Now that I think about it, I’ve never received a bad review on my speeches – other than I need to speak up. Last semester, in the spring, I took a psychology class where I had to give a 10-minute oral presentation. My teacher loved it. She told me that she hopes my future career involves public speaking. When she told me that, it made my day. No, it made my year, actually. ‘Cause I knew I was gonna have to take Speech soon. She gave me a confidence boost, one that I’ve been needing for years – and one that I’ll definitely need come Monday. Like I said, the teachers make all the difference.

So this semester has taught me something: just because you don’t like a particular subject or aren’t great at it, that doesn’t mean you’re bound to fail it. Teachers make all the difference.