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I mentioned before that I’m a fitness freak. I love working out. Every so often, I like to change up my routine to keep it interesting and challenging. Well today, I started a new workout. It’s a combination of workouts that I found in Fitness Magazine (well on the website). I combined 4 different workouts: a “tush to toe” workout, a 15-minute “butt boot camp” workout (or “booty camp,” as I call it), an 8-minute “better back” workout, and then my favorite workout of all – the ab workout. My abs are my favorite part of my body; granted, I did grow a bit obsessed with ab workouts last year, but I’m not as hardcore about it as I was then.

I feel great. It took an hour and a half (and many breaks throughout), but it was a great workout, despite how difficult it was. What are some workouts that y’all like to do?